Time & Talent Stewardship


God has called us through our mission goals to be a bold expression of God’s love. As we seek to be good stewards of this call, throughout the year we will be asking you to support our mission with your time and talent. At this time of year we renew our focus on our Christian Education and Worship life.




     One of Faith’s mission goals is to “continue strong and vibrant traditional Lutheran liturgical worship.” The word “liturgy” comes from Greek words that mean “the work of the people” – worship is our work, and one of the reasons worship at Faith is strong and vibrant is because so many people are involved.


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Christian Education

   One of Faith’s mission goals is to “create an atmosphere where people can learn and practice sharing the good news of God's love.” Christian Education is so much more than Sunday school – it is a life-long process that includes Bible studies, new member classes, adult forums, first communion workshops, confirmation, vacation Bible school, and small groups. As we seek to engage one another in a lifetime of learning, we invite you to prayerfully consider where God is calling you to share your gifts and experience.


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Community Ministry

 Community Ministry focuses on God’s actions in the community through the church. There are many ways that members participate and contribute to the community. Faith’s Community Ministry Team wants to share opportunities for Faith members in our community.


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St. Augustine’s Chapel Campus Ministry

 St. Augustine’s Chapel Lutheran and Episcopal Campus Ministry at UK is proud to be an inclusive, faith-based community on UK’s campus. Students meet for weekly worship and a shared fellowship meal on Sundays, they join in activities on Thursdays, and they minister to their peers throughout the campus every day of the week. These students also participate in service projects and retreats throughout the semester.


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Audit & Finance Committees

According to the church by-laws the purpose of the Finance Committee is “To administer the financial affairs of the congregation.” Outside of the regular business the Finance Committee recently oversaw the change from a manual offering counting process to using a computer system designed for churches.

     The Finance Committee akso manages the budget for the Learning Center. They have a separate budget, income and checking account, which are reviewed each month. Recommendations for both the Learning Center and church are made when needed. All reports are submitted to Council with a recommendation that they be approved pending audit.

     The Audit Committee is a small group that gets together annually to review the financial practices of both the church and the Learning Center.


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Technology and Administrative assistance


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