Call Committee Members


The Call Committee consists of six congregation members and one alternate who are tasked with receiving and interviewing pastoral candidates from the synod. They are selected to represent the diversity of the congregation. They are guided in their search by the congregation’s stated hopes and needs as expressed in the congregational profile.

The following slate was elected unanimously on July 18. 


Penni Black

Black Penni


I am a faculty member in the College of Pharmacy at UK. I came to Faith in 2004 when I accepted the job at UK. I grew up in a Lutheran church in South Carolina and have worshipped in Lutheran parishes in each city in which I have resided. At Faith, I have been involved in the Stewardship committee, served as Council president, and presently serve as a counter and a member of Grace Notes Handbell Choir. I have also been actively involved in Taste of Grace. I have served on the Board of St. Augustine’s and continue to serve on the board of Mission Health Lexington (MHL), most recently assuming chair of the MHL board. I accepted the nomination for the Call Committee by the Council because I feel compelled to serve. This is a process that requires that a committee member have an objective mindset and a willingness to listen. I believe I can offer those skills to the community of Faith.


Jennifer Carey

 Carey J

I became a member of Faith Lutheran in 2009 after Kevin and I married in 2008, and I have had the fortunate opportunity to serve on the Mission Endowment Committee. Our children were all confirmed at Faith, but they each experienced a different era in the Confirmation Class process. Patrick attended the weekly Tuesday night classes and weeklong Confirmation Camp during the summer between sixth and seventh grade, and Campbell attended the monthly Saturday extended classes paired with weekend Confirmation Retreats. And Catron and Adam had a hybrid Confirmation Class experience during those transitional years. Fortunately, all of our children had wonderful Confirmation mentors who were there for them regardless of the changes they experienced as the classes morphed over the years. I feel called to this work as a Call Committee member because I believe that I can translate the collective desires of our congregation in a way that accurately represents who we are, what we are seeking, and how we hope to transform as a church under the guidance of and with our new Pastor.


Don DeLuca

DeLuca Don

In my twenty years as a Faith Lutheran Church community member, I’ve participated in several committees including; Parish Life, Community Ministry, Visuals, a couple of search committees. I was a founding member of the Personnel Committee and Scott and I are co-chairs for A Taste of Grace. I have also served a couple terms on the council.  From the first minute I walked into Faith I felt very strongly that I had found a faith home and nothing has ever changed that for me, but my biggest and most joyful moment at Faith was when my husband Scott and I were married in the church. My real job is at Eastern Kentucky University where I have been for 20 years and my fun job is working with UK Athletic department for the last 40 years. When asked to serve on the call committee, I immediately felt honored to be asked, and then thought how important of a role this is.  I feel that nothing is more important at this point in our church's story then to ensure our community’s aspirations for the future are met and the first step is finding that person who truly feels called to lead and serve us toward those goals.


Leah Hower



I have been attending Faith since I was a small child in the late 1980s. I've been playing handbells, and working closely with FLY since 2013. I have also been the part time bookkeeper for the church and the Learning Center for a year. My other interests include social justice, animal rescue and crafting. I volunteer with animal rescue, fostering and transport in my free time. I feel called to participate in the Call Committee as a member of Faith because I feel that I can be the voice of members in my age demographic as well as speak on behalf of the youth of Faith. I look forward to hearing what members of Faith are looking for in a new Pastor and considering any thoughts from the congregation in the selection process. 


Brian Lundborg

 Lundborg B

I have been a member of Faith since 1992. Involved in Property and the church Sexton for a number of years. Ruth and I own the AAMCO's in town which keeps us pretty busy. If anyone needs help with any car problems please feel free to call. Ruth and I are empty nesters as our 3 kids are out on their own career paths. Sam and Josh Twins/30 Years old and Emily 26 years old. I feel called to the Call Committee so that I can be a wide open/transparent liaison of the call process. I feel that the congregation needs to be directly involved/vested in the selection of the next pastor to insure his/her success. 


Ole Wendroth

 Wendroth O

We moved from Germany to Lexington in 2004 and have been members of FLC since. My wife Kerstin and I have five children who were all confirmed at FLC. I am a professor at the University of Kentucky in the College of Agriculture, Food and Environment. Over the years, I have been a cantor, served on council, on the worship committee, and as usher. FLC is our spiritual home. I would like to serve on the Call Committee in order to actively engage in finding our new pastor, by meeting candidates, learning about their ideas, and communicating with and learning from members of our congregation about their desires and how they receive the top candidates. As member of the Call Committee, I will look for an architect who designs the spiritual building of our church, who values Christian traditions and implements God’s word, helping our members to identify and meet the challenges of our days, ignited by God’s unconditional love.

Shane Hadden (alternate)


Faith has been a big part of my life since Amy and I joined in 2010. Our children, Tuesday, Cisco and Clover have all been confirmed here. I have served as a member of council, community ministry, endowment committee, and the BUILD Team. I have also been active as an Assisting Minister and currently serve as the Financial Secretary. My professional background is in finance and law. I teach finance at UK. I feel called to this work as a Call Committee member because I love our church and want to see it grow as a tight knit community of people helping each other and others.


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