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July 18, 2021

Following a box lunch provided by our Parish Life Committee, the congregation met in a specially-called meeting to officially elect our Call Committee. It’s now official. Click here to meet the members of our Call Committee.Those parishioners who attended were able to sign up for various tasks they can do to help the call process move forward. If you were not able to sign up, please consider doing so. You can call or email the office or contact Jonathan Delap, Richard Heine or Pastor Doug.

Please come and join us! There’s much to be done!

You can see a fuller description of the many tasks to do below under July 7. 


 Timeline Goals

Timeline Goals

July 7, 2021


Play a Part in Faith's Future – There is a task for you


Behold I do a new thing, says the Lord….


The future is waiting on you.


There are many ways you can be a part of Faith’s future during this call process. As the old Shakers said, “Many hands make light work”. These short term tasks are great ways for you to be part of this time in Faith’s transition. They are great ways of getting to know the congregation better and helping introduce us to potential pastors.


Here are some short-tem, very specific ways you can help:


  1. Do like crunching numbers and mapping trends? Church Data Collection. Do you like numbers? – 2 to 3 people needed to compile specific statistics from the Church office – membership and attendance trends, pledge and giving trends. This information will be included in the Church Profile sent to candidates.
  2. Are you curious about what people think? Create, Distribute and Collect Survey information. Do you have a curious mind? Can you help create an online survey? Compile survey information? Stuff and stamp envelopes?  3 to 5 people will create a survey based on ELCA questions, make this available online or by mail, collect and compile into the Church Profile form.
  3. Do you have welcoming spirit? Do you like getting people talking? Facilitate Focus Groups. Are you good at hospitality? Guiding group conversation? Writing what you hear? Five to 15 people needed to gather, hear and summarize the congregation’s hopes for the future.
  4. Are you a good reporter or writer? The gathered data and the focus group insights will be put into the parish profile in brief descriptive paragraphs. Three to five people needed to report this work
  5. Do you like getting to know people? Helping ask the right questions. The call committee will interview the Pastoral Candidates. What do you want them to ask? What is important for you to know? Three to five persons to create a set of interview questions to guide the Call committee in its work.
  6. Would you make a good Lexington Welcome Wagon or Lexington Chamber member? Once a candidate is selected they will have many questions about housing, schools, shopping, etc. Three to five people can help field these questions so our next pastor and family receive a warm and helpful welcome.


The Call Process is your way of investing in Faith’s future. Consider your gifts, or the gifts of someone you know. This future is indeed in God’s hands, and God is asking you to lend your hands, and hearts and voices. To learn more or to express your interest,"

June 15, 2021

The Congregational Council has been actively discerning the composition of the Faith Call Committee. According to Lutheran policy, the council will present six persons, plus one alternate, to the July 18 Congregational meeting for election. You must be present and you must be a congregation member to vote in this election.

What is a Call Committee? According to the rules of our Synod:

The primary responsibility of the Call Committee is to accept a name or names from the IK Synod bishop, interview candidates and recommend a candidate to the Council and congregation as the next pastor of Faith Lutheran Church.

The primary time commitment for the Call Committee will the time for interviewing and discerning the match between the candidate pastor and the congregation. Each interview may take an hour or more with time for discussion and consideration. Interviews can be conducted in person or remotely.

It will be important for the members of the call committee to participate and be familiar with the congregation and its interests and wishes regarding a new pastor. Members should participate directly in the development of the Congregational Profile and associated surveys and discernments.

Who should be on the Call Committee?

The six members of the Call Committee should be representative of the congregation and its diversity. As much as possible they will reflect the many demographics and interests of the congregation. They should be guided by prayer and Holy discernment as they seek to match potential candidates with the stated needs and desires of the Faith congregation.

Pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit as we look forward to this election:

Life giving God, create among us a desire to do your will. Open our hearts to your Word. Lead us as we seek to lead. Guide us as we seek to guide. God, we desire a new pastor to be among to lead us and walk with us. Direct us as we wait. Bless all who serve in the congregation, especially those who have the responsibility to lead us in the call process. Bless us Lord Jesus, Amen.

June 13, 2021

A call process involves many moving pieces. We want to keep you posted as we move forward.  You should be aware that, since Pastor Mark’s acceptance of new call, we have 1) been working with the Bishop’s staff about steps forward, and 2) contracted the Reverend Doug Hahn as an intentional interim pastor to guide us through the process.
The Council is now in process of discerning the composition of the Call Committee. By Lutheran policy, this body of six congregation members should fairly reflect the make-up of the congregation.  A slate of six members, plus alternate, will be presented to a Congregational Meeting on
Sunday, July 18.  We hope you will be present for this important vote.
In the meantime we invite you to discern how you can play a role in this important work. In the near future we will be appointing a number of task forces for the Call process.  These tasks will include 1) compiling church data; 2) organizing, distributing, and collecting surveys; and 3) hosting or moderating congregational cottage meetings. All of this work will be used to compose our Congregational Profile, a document which introduces us to prospective pastoral candidates.  Later tasks will involve the discerning and welcoming our new Pastor.
This is a lot of work, but it is important, joyful and holy work.  There is a place for you in this work, and we hope you will consider how you can help.
We do have one thing to ask of you throughout this process—your prayers.  Join us regularly in these words:

Almighty God, giver of every good gift,
Look graciously
on Faith Lutheran Church,
and so guide the minds of those
who shall choose a Pastor for this congregation,
that we may receive a faithful pastor,
who will care for your people
and equip us for our ministries,
through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen

Faithfully, Your Church Council

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