Q.  What is a Congregational Profile? 

A.  This is a document that describes our church to potential candidates. It includes statistics and congregational input. Here is a blank profile:  Ministry Profile


Q.  Where do candidates come from?

A.  The ELCA keeps a data bank of pastors from across the church who are open to a new call.  The profile helps narrow these candidates to a good match.


Q. What is the role of the Call Committee?

A.  Once our profile has been distributed throughout the church, the Bishop's office will provide three candidates to be vetted and interviewed by the call committee.They may present one name to the Council for presentation to the Congregation. If the commiittee does not discern a match in this group, the Bishop provides more names until a match is determined.Call Process


Q.  What if I want to submit a name?

A.  Any Minister of Word and Sacrament may be presented to the Bishop for consideration. Contact is Rev. Heather Apel, hapel@iksynod.org 


Q.  Will the Call Committee keep the congregation posted with its progress?

A.  They will keep the congregation aware of its progress. They will not discuss candidate's names.


Q.  How can I help?

A.  Pray for the congregation. Speak your words of gratitude and encouragement to the Call Committee and Council. They have a big task. Discover how you can help  here


Q.  Can the Interim Pastor become our longtime pastor?:

P.  No. By Synod rules and by contract agreement between the Council and Interim, the Interim is not elegible for longtime call.




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